Friday, March 23, 2012

High In The Heavens Eternal God (Psalm 36)

This text--"High in the Heavens, Eternal God"--is a paraphrase of Psalm 36 (really just verse 5ff) by Isaac Watts, which I found online while perusing all (yes, ALL) of his hymns online at CCEL a few years ago.  It was an unfamiliar text to me, but I've since found that its still around in a few hymnals.

Inspired by this text, which hadn't become known to me but which I thought spoke with some evocative and quite up-to-date-sounding lines, I composed a new, contemporary/folk/pop worship tune to it. A free leadsheet of this retuned hymn can be viewed and downloaded here, and you have my permission to use in any private or public Christian worship setting (with attribution, please).

In 2008, while leading worship with my friend Ben Brody at Whitworth, we recorded this live with the team and congregation gathered for the Whitworth Institute of Ministry.

I've posted that recording to my SoundCloud page for listening and/or downloading here.

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