Friday, April 06, 2012

In Awe Of You ... especially on Good Friday

Here's a posting of an "old" song (as far as my compositions go, one of my first!) called "In Awe of You".

I decided I'd share this today, on Good Friday, as a simple prayer/song of adoration, in awe of our Savior whose grace, love and power was made known to us even through the blood and pain of the cross.

This is from a "live" in-studio worship session for the "Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs" CD my sister, Abby (Hyder) Barrantes and I recorded back in 2002, when we lived in Spokane.  This was one of my favorite days of recording.  We gathered a bunch of friends of ours together and recorded several original worship songs live in one-take each.  It was such a joy and a thrill to hear the free, full sound of our dear friends (and fantastic singers!) fill the small studio space with God's praises.  Special thanks to ALL the friends who sang, and to Ben Moll who played the accordion on this track!

There's a recording and description on my SoundCloud page here:
08 In Awe Of You

The lyrics are as follows:
1. I lie in awe of you ... because I have no strength except in You (2x)
Your righteousness it reigns through Your blood and pain
And this is why I am in awe of You
2. I stand in awe of You ... You because I have been lifted up by You (2x)
3. I kneel in awe of You ... humbled by the grace that I've received from You (2x)

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