Friday, February 28, 2014

Songs for Lent and Easter

One of my favorite college English professors once walked into the classroom late in the semester and said in a stern voice, "It is absolutely unacceptable! ... that I don't have your papers back to you today."

I sort-of feel like that posting to this blog six months after returning from my sabbatical ... A sabbatical during which I had promised to post to this very blog! My apologies. I beg your mercy.

I will perhaps occasionally reflect back and share some sabbatical stories and songs here in the future. However, for now I wanted to get this blog back to its original purpose of sharing songs and worship resources. If we also spark conversations, great! But those seem to take place on facebook or twitter more often these days.

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday next week... and then we walk our 40-day journey to the cross and empty tomb.  I'll try to post some other pieces along the way, but here are a couple Lent and Easter songs for your perusal and use. Shoot me a note if you'd like more info or charts for these.

"Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley" - an early American hymn, rearranged but same basic tune.

"This Is The Day (Psalm 118)" - a contemporary psalm paraphrase, framed as an Easter worship song.

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