Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Historical Vote

Voted today... no long lines or anything. In fact, Marla and I walked to our polling place, a church right around the corner. It felt odd looking down at the ballot and seeing the names that we've all been hearing about and talking about for what seems like an eternity.

The highlight of the experience was just the beautiful day and the great walk Marla and I had there. We were really able to discuss and process the whole experience with one another. Everyone we met along the way and talked with as we walked were in great moods. I think the 70-degree georgeous sunny weather here helped.

We also peeked into the worship-space of the church that was a our polling place and we met the worship-leader who was tickling the ivories as we slipped in. What has me possibly more excited even than voting today was meeting another worship-leading colleague in our area and make a connection that could lead to some great networking and even some opportunities for song workshopping and playing out in the community!

Well, hope you all have voted, or are on your way out. May grace and peace cover our entire country as we finally find out the result of such a long and passionate campaign.

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