Tuesday, January 27, 2009

new life (for now)

So it's only been since November that I last posted... that's staying on top of things.

The weather is a bit colder, the economy is even crummier, and the guy more of us voted for than the other guy is now President. I will relinquish the right to reflect about that momentous occasion to those who were up to date enough to blog about it when it actually happened.

Instead, I merely wish to alert you all to the fact that we've finally come back around to the original reason I began updating this blog a year ago... the Calvin Symposium on Worship is here again!

So, like last year (only probably even less diligently... if that's possible) I will be processing my experiences throughout the weekend right here on this little leased-from-Google corner of cyberspace. Hope to see you there (or here)!

luke <><


Mark Baker-Wright said...

Just was looking at the list of presenters. LOTS of choices! Should you stumble into the one by Darwin Glassford, say "Hi" for me! (Dr. Glassford was a professor/advisor when I was in college in Montreat)

The same should, of course, be said for the many various Fuller (or formerly from Fuller) folks who look to be there.

Luke Hyder said...

I'm not sure I'll make to Glassford... but thanks for the heads up!

I did have fun running into Ron and Debra Rienstra this morning! I'll have lunch with them tomorrow.

Their new book finally came out, and it was one of the Symposium featured books, so we all got it for free!