Friday, January 29, 2010

Drinking from a fire hose

My good friend, Steve Goodenberger (who've I've been blessed to see while here at the Calvin Worship Symposium), asked me, "So, do you have that drinking from a fire-hose feeling yet?" ... And he asked me that in the middle of the afternoon on THURSDAY... the first day of this three-day symposium!

Today has been very rich... but too rich for me to really try to regurgitate at a quarter till midnight with another long day and long drive coming tomorrow.

So, until I have opportunity to put more thoughts to pixels on the worship experiences of this day and on the wonderful content from Laura Truax, Jeremy Begbie, Dale Bruner (again!) and Marva Dawn... I'll direct you to my twitter page (@lukehyder) for the brief thoughts that caught my ear throughout the day (and which you can follow tomorrow for continued updates!), and then leave you with a quote to ponder from Jeremy Begbie (actually, Begbie was quoting someone else, but I didn't get the reference):

The rhythm of worship at its deepest: "Church is where the Son's journey from the Father's heart into death and hell, and back again, is lived out."

Grace and peace,

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