Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sympo times are here again

Well it's that time of year again... the annual migration of worship-minded church folk to the frigid confines of Grand Rapids, MI, in January. It can only mean one thing: Worship Symposium 2010!

For the past several years I have tried to provide myself an opportunity to process my experiences here on this blog. While there have been some good moments, I have not been totally consistent.

So, this year I have crossed over the "dark-side" ... yes, Twitter.

I'll be tweeting my way (via wifi when I have it, cell phone when I don't) through the symposium--in fact I've already started with a bunch of Dale Bruner quotes and other tweets today!--so if you are on twitter and want to track with what's going on here at Calvin, follow @lukehyder, and/or search for the symposium feed: #wsymp10

Here's hoping that I can be more consistent with just 140 characters at a time instead of freezing up when I can't find the time to process every session in long-form on this blog.

While I'm here, some highlights from today... the theme of the whole conference is the Great Stories of the Old Testament, as framed by Hebrews 11 (so far in worship) and then the texts themselves.

Niel Plantinga preached this morning on Cain and Abel (Gen 4:1-16) - "A Mark of Grace":

"Cain doesn't want to obey God... but he doesn't want to lose Him either... (He can't live with him, can't live without Him."

Re: Cain's punishment from God... "God marks a killer not only with shame, but also with grace."

"All of us are as guilty as Cain, and through Christ all of us are as innocent as Abel."

Fave song moment from morning worship:
"From the first light of the garden to the endless city's rays, / God in mercy has been calling, and we'll answer Him in praise." (from new song, "A Mark of Grace" by Greg Scheer, 2009)

My Afternoon Seminar... the entire Gospel of John in 4 hours with Dale Bruner:
Ahhh.... Bruner quotes... I've missed Bruner quotes...

"Jesus of Nazareth is the autobiography of God."

"What the audible word is to the inaudible thought, the incarnate Word is to the invisible God." (from a woman in a Sunday School class he taught)

Re: when jesus spoke Mary's name after his ressurection... "world history moved from BC to AD right there!"

More tomorrow, including Marva Dawn, more Bruner (the Beattitudes!), Todd Johnson, Rich Mouw, and hopefully some nuggets from the worship gatherings as well.

The late-afternoon Vespers that was the all-Getty service (with Keith and Kristyn live!) was fantastic. As a new father-to-be, I lost it on the line from the well-known "In Christ Alone" ... "from life's first cry, to final breath" ... I was a goner for the rest of the song.

If you'd rather get a real look at what's going on here at Calvin (instead of taking my word for it!), you can follow live video feeds of all the morning (8:30am) and evening (7:30pm) worship services, as well as the 10am morning Plenary sessions with Jeremy Begbie, all from the Sympo 2010 website.

Till tomorrow... Grace and peace.


Mark Baker-Wright said...

I see you guys were stealing Todd Johnson from us for the time being. You'd better have treated him right!

(Looks like you also had Mouw, but my wife's PhD doesn't depend on him so much, so you could do with him as you like.)


Luke Hyder said...

Mark! Good to hear from you!

Yes, we had Todd, and Mouw. I attended Todd's session on Friday with Lester Ruth about teaching Worship Leadership... and though it was more about the seminary classroom setting, it was nevertheless helpful for laying some better foundations for teaching church laity as well. And we treated him just fine! :)

I'm interested in hearing more about Michelle's PhD! Perhaps I shall have to catch her on FB and have her catch me up.

I got to have dinner Friday night with the Rienstras, and Ron caught me up on his dissertation. Good stuff!

Blessings, Mark. Hopefully we'll get back out to CA someday soon and see you guys!