Thursday, May 09, 2013

An Ascension Psalm! (O For a Shout of Sacred Joy re-posted)

Happy "Ascension of the Lord" day, everyone!

I thought for this "uplifting" occasion (groan) I'd repost the Ascension hymn that I wrote just after the celebration of the Ascension last year.  It's a retuned hymn for which I adapted Isaac Watts' Psalm 47 paraphrase, "O For a Shout of Sacred Joy," set it to a new tune, and added a chorus.  There's a well-known and oft repeated Kuyper quote that the chorus alludes to as well.

If by chance you are still in search of an Ascension psalm/hymn to sing this Sunday in your church, please feel free to use it (SoundCloud audio and PDF chart in C accessible below).

Otherwise, everyone else simply enjoy!

You can view/download a lead-sheet for it HERE.

Grace and peace,
luke <><

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