Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kindle The Light - Song/Hymn for Pentecost!

Here's another repost of a song I've shared earlier ... but again, it is timely (especially for anyone in churches that follow the Christian year)!

"Kindle The Light" is a retuned hymn, original text by Charles Wesley ("O Thou Who Camest From Above"), for I a composed a new melody and  chorus last year for Advent and repeated again for Epiphany.

But the hymn is really a Pentecost hymn, about the blazing fire of the Holy Spirit promised by Jesus and poured out on God's people to bring faith, stoke love, and strengthen for service.

The song has been well-received by our congregation, and a couple others who got the song from me earlier in the year.  Below is the SoundCloud wigit, allowing you to hear a rough mix of a recent studio version of the song, and you can view/download a PDF chart HERE.


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Anonymous said...

Nice adaptation of the hymn. Blessings.